Yawn! It will all get better in time.
This is Mazikeen, btw. (Yes, s/he’s named after Neil Gaiman’s character.)

I received bad news yesterday. (My application as a writer for a photography website, which I badly wanted, was not approved.)

Inevitably, my receipt of the bad news led to an anxiety attack.

And while a phone call to my husband, and some reassuring words from a friend both helped me calm down a bit, the thing that actually lessened my discomfort- and always does, as proven countless times- was simply spending time with our cats.

Cheddar gamely modeled his new shirt for my camera.

I thank all the cat gods out there time and again for sending our babies to us. Contrary to popular belief, cats are the ones who rescue us from our dreary lives, and not the other way around.

So whenever you find yourself all alone, remember that there’s always a cat out there somewhere, just waiting for you to take him or her home to give you all the love you need. ❤